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Deep Sedation Dentistry in Orangeburg, NY

sedation dentistry orangeburg nyDentistry gets a bum rap in the media. Movies and TV shows, in particular, have a tendency to portray dentists as cruel, unfeeling, and even sadistic. Although this couldn’t be further from the truth, many people are afraid to go to the dentist – in fact, it’s estimated that approximately 10% of all Americans avoid getting the dental care they need out of fear and anxiety.

This is a huge problem. Avoiding proper dental care can seriously compromise your overall health. Your dental health is linked closely to the health of your entire body, and not getting your regular cleanings and challenges could have consequences. Additionally, if you are avoiding regular dental check-ups and cleanings and the only time you visit the dentist is when something hurts, you may be validating your own fear.

Deep Sedation at Premier Dental

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just sleep right through your dental appointment? Believe it or not, it’s an option. At Premier Dental in Orangeburg NY, we offer deep sedation dentistry. With deep sedation, you can be placed into a “twilight” state under the watch of a board-certified Medical Anesthesiologist. During this twilight state, you may remain awake although you will feel very drowsy and relaxed. You may drift off. Following the procedure, you are unlikely to remember any of the details of your appointment.

Following your procedure, you will relax in a comfortable, private recovery room while the anesthesia wears off. The effects of the sedation wear off quickly and, following your procedure, you will be able to continue the rest of your day.

Is Deep Sedation Right for You?

If you have been skipping your dental care because of fear, give us a call and schedule a consultation with one of our compassionate and skilled dentists. We’ll discuss your concerns and your situation with you as well as the deep sedation process so that you can make an informed decision as to whether deep sedation is the right choice.

At Premier Dental, we care for you as if you were our only patient. You’ll never be treated like a number on a chart. You’ll get the one-on-one care you deserve at every visit, and we’ll take the time to get to know you so that we better understand all of your needs and serve you even better.

Our patients’ comfort is our highest priority, and we’ll do what it takes to make sure that you are happy and relaxed while you enjoy high-quality dental care. If there’s anything else we can do to make your visit more comfortable, just let us know!

To schedule your appointment and learn more about deep sedation dentistry, give our office a call now.

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