Dentures in Orangeburg, NY

dentures orangeburg nyIf the word “dentures” calls to mind chalk-colored, blocky teeth set into bright pink artificial-looking gums, it’s time to get with the program! Today’s dentures are created using realistic looking teeth, designed individually to give them the variation that occurs in nature. Additionally, each tooth is placed carefully, one at a time, for an even more life-like appearance.

Thanks to Premier Dental’s in-house lab, we have an incredible level of control and communication while your dentures are created. We use the iTero digital scanning system to create the images of your mouth that the lab needs – no more messy putty and annoying impressions.

State-of-the-art technology gives Premier Dental an edge when it comes to providing the highest quality dental services for our patients. If you thought dentures were a second-rate solution to the problem of missing teeth, think again. With today’s dentures, it’s highly likely that nobody will ever detect your secret.

The Modern Denture Difference

In addition to looking incredibly life-like, today’s dentures also fit better and more securely than ever before. While some patients still like to use adhesive, many patients find that adhesives are no longer necessary thanks to the exemplary fit of modern dentures. Because modern dentures fit so comfortably and securely, irritation in the mouth is also minimized.

If you’d like even more security, we can discuss implant-retained dentures. This advanced option allows your dentures to snap into place, held tightly by implants placed surgically in your bone. The risk of slips, slides, and other faux pas is virtually eliminated with this practical and affordable option. Implant-retained dentures are an excellent choice for patients who like the security and benefits of dental implants but are concerned by the cost of replacing a full set of teeth.

Older dentures often required you to significantly limit certain foods and treats. Crunchy and chewy snacks were known to cause problems for denture wearers and had to be avoided. With today’s dentures, your options are much more open. Your Premier Dental dentist will be happy to discuss your preferences and find ways for you to incorporate the foods you love.

Caring for Dentures

Dentures only require small changes to your personal care routine. Cleaning your dentures daily will quickly become a habit, and once you understand the basic tenets of denture care, you will have no problem keeping your dentures in great shape for years to come.

  • Only use cleaners and brushes designed specifically for dentures since other brushes and pastes may be too abrasive and could scratch your dentures.
  • Rinse and soak your dentures using cool to lukewarm water only. Hot water can cause your dentures to lose their shape.
  • Any time your dentures are not in your mouth, they should be kept moist. Letting your dentures dry out could cause warping.
  • If your dentures accidentally fall and strike the counter or floor, call our office to have them checked. Even small dents and dings (that might not be immediately apparent) could change the way your dentures fit, leading to sores and other problems.

Are you ready to learn more about today’s denture options? Call Premier Dental today to schedule your appointment!