Family Dentistry in Orangeburg, NY

family dentistry orangeburg nyDo your children have regular appointments with the pediatrician or family doctor every year to check their development and make sure that they are healthy? Good job!

But did you realize that it’s just as important for kids to have regular appointments with a dentist who is skilled in children’s dentistry? Childhood is a crucial time for development. As your child grows, baby teeth come in, fall out, and are replaced by the permanent teeth that will be with your child for the rest of his or her life. This is also the time when your child develops the health habits that will determine whether he or she can have a healthy attractive smile that lasts a lifetime or will need extensive dental work later in life.

Skilled Family Dentists

At Premier Dental, our team is made up of dentists and other professionals who have the skills, knowledge, and dedication necessary to help your entire family achieve their best dental health.

We understand the unique needs of every stage of development. Our examinations and cleanings are done gently and with total care and attention given to your child’s comfort, safety, and health.

Our team members are friendly and welcoming, and kids love to come here!

Early Childhood Dentistry

The American Dental Association recommends that parents bring their children in for their first check-up around the time the first tooth comes in or by their first birthday, whichever happens sooner. We agree with this recommendation.

The goal of this first appointment is to introduce your child to the dental office, let him or her “go for a ride” in the chair, and help him or her understand that the dentist’s office is a normal and safe place to be, hopefully preventing fears from developing later in life. If your child lets us, we will do a quick examination to see how the teeth are growing and make sure that everything is developing correctly.

We will also take this opportunity to discuss important early childhood dental topics and concerns with you, including your child’s diet, how to care for your child’s first teeth and gums, bottle and pacifier use, and thumb sucking.

Dentistry for Growing Children

As your child grows and develops, we will be there every step of the way. Regular check-ups and cleanings every six months will help us monitor the development of your child’s teeth and mouth, catch problems early (before they can turn into big problems), and plan for future needs, such as orthodontic treatment.

We’ll work with both you and your child to encourage good dental healthcare habits and discuss proper brushing and flossing technique to help you get the most benefit from these important routines. We can also discuss preventive care treatments such as fluoride application and sealants to give your child the very best start possible.

Dental care is an important part of your family’s overall healthcare plan, and we are dedicated to helping you keep your family’s dental health a high priority. Call us today to schedule an appointment for you and your child.