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Setting the Record Straight about Dental Implants

Dental Implant

By now, many people have heard of dental implants, but they may not understand exactly what they are or how they work.

Recently, a group of researchers surveyed patients at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry to get an idea of how much the patients knew about implants. The goal was to gauge public awareness and knowledge about dental implants.

What the Study Showed

Two groups of patients were studied, and the results were published in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. The first group of patients were at the clinic seeking implant treatment; the second was there for general dental treatment.

As you might guess, the patients who were preparing ...

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Oral Health Doesn't Have to Suffer as You Age. How to Stay Healthy into Your Senior Years

As a senior, you don’t need anyone to tell you that your health needs are different now than they were in your 40s. You’ve noticed the subtle (and not so subtle) changes that are taking place in your body, but have you given any thought to your oral health needs as you age?

Depending on your age, you may see tooth loss as a given as you advance in years, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’ve taken care of your teeth and continue to take steps to manage your oral health, there’s no reason why you can’t keep all or most of your teeth.

It’s Not Just about ...

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Have a Bitter Taste in Your Mouth? It Might Mean You Have a Periodontal Infection

Do you have a bad taste in your mouth that won't go away no matter how much mouthwash you use?

We have all had tastes that linger in the mouth as a result of something we've eaten. But a persistent bad taste or one that comes up unexpectedly may be a sign of an underlying condition, and the only way to resolve it is to get to the source of the problem. 

What Causes Altered Taste?

Altered taste in your mouth is medically referred to as dysgeusia and can manifest as a metallic or even foul odor. Many conditions can contribute to dysgeusia such as acid reflux, pregnancy, menopause, or even nerve damage. ...

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Should You Switch to a Charcoal Toothpaste? Probably Not

teeth whitening orangeburg ny

Recently there's been a lot of interest in DIY teeth whitening using charcoal toothpaste because it seems like a natural, healthy approach for brightening your smile. But how effective is it and is it safe for your teeth? 

Why Charcoal?

The medical benefits of activated charcoal are well-documented. Because of its highly absorbent properties, it's often used in emergency rooms to help patients who have overdosed or ingested hazardous chemicals.

Activated charcoal is also highly abrasive, so dentists are concerned that overusing the product or misusing it can actually damage your teeth. And in September 2017, the Journal of the American Dental Association published the results of a study that says there's ...

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3 Differences between Invisalign and Traditional Braces

woman holding clear retainer | Invisalign orangeburg ny

Modern-day orthodontics means you no longer have to suffer months—or even years—with traditional wire and metal braces. With Invisalign invisible braces, teens and adults can straighten their teeth quickly and with an orthodontic appliance that fits in with any lifestyle.

If you want more information about Invisalign, look no further than your Orangeburg dentist Premier Dental’s Dr. Craig Aronson.

How Invisalign Differs from Traditional Braces

  1. Invisalign braces are virtually undetectable. With Invisalign, teeth are gently moved into place with a series of clear, plastic aligners that are practically invisible. Even someone sitting across the table from you will be hard-pressed to notice you are wearing them.
  2. Invisalign braces make it easier to ...

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Does Your Child Have Dental Anxiety? You Can Help!

children's dentist orangeburg | dentist orangeburg

Did you know that your child should be seeing the dentist every 6 months just like you? Regular dental appointments are important, but what if your child is fearful of the dentist? You may notice that they feel sick or their stomach hurts when it's time for their appointment, or maybe they cry and cling to you when it's their turn to go in. Whatever the signs may be, it's important to build a good relationship with the dentist so your child can have successful visits in the future. Here are three ways you can help ease your child's dental fears.

Give Them Advanced Notice of Their Appointment

Make sure they know ...

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Orthodontics: Not Just for Teens!

Invisalign orangeburg ny | orangeburg ny dentist

Orthodontics for Adults

When most people think of orthodontics, an image of a teenager with braces may be the first thing they think of. Having a mouth full of metal might not sound so appealing for the adult looking to correct their teeth, but don't worry because your dream smile is within reach! 

Our office in Orangeburg, NY offers orthodontic services for adults that will perfect your teeth and have you feeling satisfied and confident in your smile. If you are looking to inconspicuously straighten your teeth, then Dentist Craig Aronson and Invisalign could be right for you!


Invisalign is a great option for an adult looking to straighten their teeth, while not ...

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