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Orthodontics: Not Just for Teens!

Invisalign orangeburg ny | orangeburg ny dentist

Orthodontics for Adults

When most people think of orthodontics, an image of a teenager with braces may be the first thing they think of. Having a mouth full of metal might not sound so appealing for the adult looking to correct their teeth, but don't worry because your dream smile is within reach! 

Our office in Orangeburg, NY offers orthodontic services for adults that will perfect your teeth and have you feeling satisfied and confident in your smile. If you are looking to inconspicuously straighten your teeth, then Dentist Craig Aronson and Invisalign could be right for you!


Invisalign is a great option for an adult looking to straighten their teeth, while not ...

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Three Common Problems We Can Treat with Invisalign

invisalign orangeburg ny

We are happy to provide our Orangeburg patients with orthodontics like Invisalign that are easy to wear and produce outstanding results. Treatment with Invisalign is comfortable, efficient, and produces consistently beautiful results.

During your Invisalign consultation, Dr. Aronson will speak with you to understand what you are trying to accomplish and how we can help you reach that goal. He will evaluate your case, discuss his findings, and recommend the appropriate treatment for you.

We regularly use Invisalign to address three common orthodontic problems:

1. Crooked/Crowded Teeth

Overcrowded teeth result when there simply isn’t enough room in your jaw for all the teeth to fit normally. If not treated, overly crowded teeth can worsen ...

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How to Teach Your Children to Brush

childrens dentist orangeburg ny | kids dentist orangeburg

As a parent, you’ll spend a lot of time teaching your child important life skills so they will be healthy and successful. Developing a good brushing and flossing habit is one of these skills.

The trick is, many parents do not necessarily know proper technique for brushing and flossing themselves! That’s okay – we don’t expect you to be born knowing the best way to brush and floss your teeth. That’s why we’re here, and we are always happy to help you.

One of the first steps in developing good home hygiene habits is scheduling an appointment with a children’s dentist in Orangeburg, NY, like you can find here at Premier Dental. ...

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3 Misconceptions about Dentists

dentist orangeburg ny

What comes to mind when you think of the word “dentist”?

If you’ve been influenced at all by the popular media, including movies, TV, and books, it’s probably not very complimentary!

Have you fallen into the trap of seeing dentists in a negative light? Consider these three common myths and then take a look at the reality:

Common Myths About Dentists

  1. Dentists like to cause pain: For a long time, popular culture has portrayed dentists as mean, unfeeling, and even sadistic. Dentists are even introduced as the bad guy to young children! (Finding Nemo, anyone?). These portrayals do a great disservice to a profession that is filled with people who are kind, gentle, caring, and ...

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Modern Improvements in Dentistry

dentist orangeburg ny

Dentistry often gets a bad rap. Dentists are frequently the butt of jokes or portrayals that make them appear unfeeling, mean, or just plain sadistic!

Fortunately, dentists, like the Orangeburg dentists at Premier Dental, aren’t actually like that at all. As a whole, we value patient comfort and want to make sure that every appointment you have with us is relaxing and even enjoyable!

Improvements in Dentistry

Modern improvements in dental technology and techniques make this possible. Research is constantly finding better ways to provide the dental care you and your family deserve.

Here are a few of the modern dental improvements you can expect at Premier Dental:

  • Sedation Dentistry – At Premier Dental, we ...

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Dental Conditions Treated with Veneers

veneers orangeburg ny

Dental veneers are very thin shells that are placed over your natural teeth, and they are typically made from porcelain. They are designed to cover a tooth for improved aesthetics, and they are bonded to the natural tooth. Veneers are used to treat a wide array of dental concerns- here are some of the most common reasons our patients choose this option: 

Benefits of Veneers

  • Discolored teeth: Tooth discoloration is extremely common, and veneers offer a great solution. Sometimes whitening treatments simply can't match your other teeth perfectly, and veneers can be custom made to match with the surrounding teeth. They are so thin that it really looks and feels like your ...

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Making Your Child Comfortable at the Dentist

kids dentist orangeburg ny

If you are looking for a kids’ dentist in Orangeburg, NY, Premier Dental welcomes patients of all ages and is committed to making your child comfortable at the dentist. We do this by treating your child according to their needs and attention span. We never force children into treatment, but speak to them in a way that they understand so that their experience will be a pleasant one. Here are some of the ways that we make your kids’ dental appointments a positive experience:

How We Can Help 

  • We avoid scary words – We don’t use the words “drill” or “needle” around children because it may make them anxious.
  • We educate kids about ...

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