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Crowns Are the Easy Fix for Broken or Chipped Teeth

Remember the days of metal crowns that left a dark mark on your smile? Well, if you have a chipped or broken tooth and require dental crowns in our Orangeburg, NY dental office, you never have to worry about your dental crowns having a negative impact on your smile. Most crowns today are porcelain blended with metal or all-porcelain options that are durable and blend right in.

Why Choose a Dental Crown?

If you have a tooth with compromised enamel, it can begin to chip away, fracture, or even become infected. When left untreated, extracting the tooth might be your only option. Tooth loss leads to a host of oral health conditions including a misaligned bite and bone loss. Dental crowns are an effective way to prolong the life of your tooth.

Another reason we may recommend dental crown is to cover a root canal tooth, which tends to become brittle and problematic without the proper restoration.

Finally, what better way to improve the appearance of a damaged tooth than to cover it with a perfectly formed, natural-looking dental crown? Your appearance plays a role in your overall wellness and quality of life, which is why we often recommend dental crowns as part of a smile makeover.

Dental Crown Treatment

Getting a dental crown is a two-visit process. First, we will prepare the tooth, which means removing decay and damage. We also reshape the tooth to make space for the dental crown. Next, an impression will capture the precise size and shape of the crown. Our dentist will place a temporary crown on the tooth to protect it while our skilled lab technicians create your custom crown.

Once we receive it, your dentist will place the crown on your tooth and permanently cement it in place.

Do You Have a Broken Tooth?

We offer dental crowns in our Orangeburg, NY dental office to give you your smile and comfort back.

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