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Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Oral Habits

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It may seem like children do not require the same dental care as adults, but their oral health is just as important. Even though they will eventually lose their baby teeth, they are just as susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease as those with their permanent teeth, and developing these issues can actually be detrimental to the growth of their adult teeth. Teaching your child good oral practices early will help them to develop good habits throughout their lives.

Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Oral Habits

  • Early dental visits – It is recommended that your child has their first visit to the dentist as soon as their first tooth comes in, or at least by the age of one. It may seem early, but earlier visits will help them become more comfortable and trusting of their dentist, and allow us to monitor the growth and health of their teeth.
  • Teach them to brush – As soon as their first teeth start to come in, it is important for you to brush and clean them to prevent decay. Once they are able to brush for themselves, teach them how to brush correctly and make sure they are doing so every morning and night. Brushing will become more routine to them and help them continue healthy habits as they get older.
  • Make brushing fun – One of the benefits of modern technology is that it makes almost every aspect of our lives easier, including our child’s dental care. Toothpaste manufacturers have developed flavored toothpaste, such as bubblegum, that your child will enjoy more than strong minty flavors. There are also fun toothbrushes with your child’s favorite characters on them and electric toothbrushes that turn off automatically when they have brushed long enough.

Choosing a Family Dentist in Orangeburg NY

Finding a dentist that has a lot of experience in children’s dentistry can make both you and your child feel more comfortable during their dental visits. If you live in the Orangeburg, NY area and would like to know more about our children’s dentistry services, or for more tips on helping your child develop good oral hygiene habits, please contact our office today!

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