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How to Teach Your Children to Brush

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As a parent, you’ll spend a lot of time teaching your child important life skills so they will be healthy and successful. Developing a good brushing and flossing habit is one of these skills.

The trick is, many parents do not necessarily know proper technique for brushing and flossing themselves! That’s okay – we don’t expect you to be born knowing the best way to brush and floss your teeth. That’s why we’re here, and we are always happy to help you.

One of the first steps in developing good home hygiene habits is scheduling an appointment with a children’s dentist in Orangeburg, NY, like you can find here at Premier Dental. We provide top-notch care for the whole family with a focus on prevention and education.

Five Tips on Teaching Your Child How To Brush

  1. Model good habits: Children love to imitate everything they see (as you probably already know!). While this may have worked out to your embarrassment in the past, let’s try to use those powers for good! Make sure that you are taking great care of your own teeth and encourage your child to watch you. This helps normalize home hygiene and reduces fights and arguments since your child already knows that this is expected.
  2. Talk to your hygienist about good technique: If you need a refresher course or you seem to be getting cavities despite routine brushing, we can help. Our skilled, gentle, and friendly dental hygienists will work with you one on one to show you the best techniques and recommend appropriate products. We will also show you techniques for helping your child to brush.
  3. Practice positive reinforcement: Kids love praise and little treats. A sticker chart can make it easier to build the brushing habit, and working toward rewards will keep your child enthusiastic.
  4. Download apps: Plenty of free apps are available for your smartphone that encourage good brushing habits. Some apps time kids to make sure that they are brushing for a full two minutes. Others help track the quadrants of the mouth to make sure that every tooth is brushed. These apps are designed to be kid-friendly and often feature characters your child already knows and loves.
  5. Help your child: Kids aren’t known for their great coordination or their patience, and it will take time before your child is ready to brush without supervision. Watch your child, provide guidance, and help out with the difficult spots like molars. Providing a hand with flossing will also go a long way when it comes to keeping your child’s teeth healthy.

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