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Dental Myths and Misconceptions

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Every day we hear something different about what’s best for your dental health. Between commercials telling us what toothbrush to buy, how many dentists approve of a certain toothpaste, and all the at home remedies about getting rid of toothaches, there is a lot of conflicting information about keeping up good oral hygiene.

Dental Myths and Misconceptions

  • White teeth are healthy teeth – While this is partly true, super white teeth doesn’t mean that they are healthy. If you are maintaining a good oral care routine and seeing your dentist regularly then your teeth will be whiter than those who don’t brush. Our teeth also become discolored naturally as we age from the tooth’s enamel breaking down.
  • Whitening is bad for your teeth – While this was true over twenty years ago, it is no longer the case. Advances in technology have allowed scientists to develop a PH neutral bleaching material that does not break down enamel like the acidic materials used before. Bleaching may cause sensitivity but usually doesn’t cause prolonged harm.
  • Hard brushes work better – Hard bristle brushes are actually harmful to your gums. They can cause irritation and inflammation, causing the gum to separate from the tooth and plaque and bacteria to squeeze between them. This can lead to gum disease and gum loss. Soft bristle brushes will still remove plaque, but gently.
  • Brushing bleeding gums is bad – Bleeding gums is a sign that bacteria and plaque have caused your gums to become inflamed and in order to get your gums to heal you need to remove all that plaque… by brushing. Your gums should stop bleeding after a while and if they don’t it can be a sign of worse problems.
  • Eating a lot of sugar is bad for teeth – This is partially true, but it’s not about the amount of sugar you consume but how long it stays in your mouth. When the bacteria in your mouth mixes with the sugar it creates an acid that eats away at your enamel. Drinking soft drinks and sucking on hard candies allows sugar to sit in your mouth for prolonged periods of time, so it is best to consume sugar quickly and brush immediately after to remove lingering sugar from your mouth.  

Call Your Orangeburg NY Dentist

Anytime you hear something new about what is good or bad for your dental hygiene it is best to bring it up with your dentist. They will have the best and most accurate information about how to care for your teeth. If you live in the Orangeburg, NY area and would like more information please contact Premier Dental today!

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